Rules for SUVO Garanti

On 1 September 2017 SUVO Garanti introduced new rules for the warranty service. This means that cars 0-12 months old only need re-treatment every 3 years.

Cars already covered by the warranty scheme still have to undergo re-treatment every 2 years. Going forward, it will be possible to get warranty cover for cars up to seven years old.

Cars more than 3 years old need a special/double treatment the first time to be eligible for the warranty scheme.

If you have any questions, please phone SUVO Garanti on 9722 4080, or contact your local SUVO partner.

Age of carWarranty period
0 - 1 yearsAs long as the customer wants
1 - 2 years17 years.
2 - 3 years16 years.
3 - 7 years12 years.